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Information and contents of this website

All contents and information published on this website are the responsibility of the Coast & Country Homes, Lda That watches over their veracity and transparency. Striving to provide useful, up-to-date and reality-based information. However, it may not be correct or fully updated. In this regard, we can not be responsible for any actions taken as a result of or based on information contained or provided by this Website, whether in a contract action, negligence or other illegal action. Through info@cchomes.pt you can always send us your suggestions or errata.

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If you wish to report your concerns regarding any content available on this site, please send an email directly to info@cchomes.pt.


Data logging

It is allowed the registration of data of all the users interested in receiving information or to mark a visit on determined property or service here announced and published.

Registration or completion of forms is free.

To register as a user interested in a particular offer, property or service must complete the form and select the desired one: appointment of visit or request for information.

The personal data of each user will be kept as long as the subscription and / or requests of the user are active, with the purpose of improving the services offered, so that after its expiration will be depersonalized and unidentifiable.

You are allowed to question the data and may request deletion, rectification, updating or completing the data. These requests should be forwarded to info@cchomes.pt.

We suggest consulting the Privacy Policy of this Website.


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The Coast & Country Homes, Lda is not liable for any direct, indirect or specific loss or damage or any other consequences arising from access to or use of this Website, or any information contained therein. Nevertheless, we are available to discuss with you the implications of any question that may arise, and you should contact us through our website at http://www.cchomes.pt/ (contacts), through the address Av. de Ceuta, Urb. A Nora - Bloco 6 Loja C, from our phone +351289462438, or via the email address info@cchomes.pt.

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