You would be lucky to have Felicia represent you

Coast & Country Homes, Lda

When I viewed a property on the Idealista website, I contacted the listing agent, Felicia Santos with CCHomes. This was our lucky day. My husband and I had been viewing properties on the internet from our home in Colorado Springs.

She responded quickly to all of our correspondence and when we made plans to visit the Algarve in September and October of 2021 Felicia offered to pick us up from the airport. This was a great help to us and made us feel very welcome.

She was able to arrange a viewing within a few days of our arrival and we were able to meet with the owner / seller who is also the manager of the resort.
We loved the condo and the area of Moncarapacho and we did end up buying that very first property we looked at. However Felicia was very willing to look over a huge list of other properties that I was interested in from idealista.
In all that research concerning other properties, we benefitted from her expertise of how things work in Portugal.
We feel very assured that we made an excellent choice with her guidance for a property that gives us the least amount of headache to manage after we own it.

We have signed a promissory note and will finalize the sale soon but Felicia constantly checks in with us and had put us in contact with a great lawyer before we returned home who has taken good care of us.
There was no language barrier because her English is flawless and she was able to completely understand our needs.

It is a scary thing to invest in another country. This is a lot of money to us but in no way is it a high end sale for her. Still, she gave us the same courtesy and concern as if we were multi millionaires.

You would be lucky to have Felicia represent you in any real estate venture in the Algarve.

Jolene and Greg C.